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Get your Section 8 Company 

Incorporated at just INR 7999.

India's safest platform to register your Section 8 Company online with expert business consultation. Got Trusted by thousands of customers & we really believe to make your Business stand, We will help you from registering to guiding at every step you take for your Business.

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Documents required for Incorporation:

Required Documents:

  • Two Photographs of Promoters

  • PAN Card of Each Promoter

  • Identity Proof of each Promoter like Passport, Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card,

  • Address Proof of Promoters

  • Signed Declaration(s) from Promoter

  • Documents required for Registered Office - Address Proof of Registered Office,  such as the latest Electricity Bill, Property tax receipt, telephone bill, Rent Agreement copy, and NOC from the owner of the premises, if applicable.

What is Section 8 Company?

  • Not all companies are incorporated with the commercial objective, i.e., with the objective to earn profit. Many companies are incorporated with non-profit and charitable objectives.

  • A Section 8 Company is the same as a Section 25 Company under the old Companies Act, of 1956. Under the new Companies Act, 2013, Section 25 (as per the old Act) has now become Section 8 Company.

  • Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 deals with the formation of companies with charitable objects. The companies registered under this section may be public companies, private companies, or one-person companies. A company registered under this section enjoys all the privileges of a limited company subject to the performance of all its obligations except those exempted by the Central Government by a notification.

  • The company is registered without paying any stamp duty on its Memorandum and Articles. But such a company cannot alter the provisions of its Memorandum and Articles without the approval of the Central Government.

Essentials of Section 8 Company:

  • It has an object to promote commerce, art, science, sports, or education.

  • It intends to apply its profit income, or other earnings towards the promotion of its objects.

  • It prohibits the payment of dividends or income to its shareholders.

Benefits of Section 8 Company:

There are many benefits of registering such companies:


  1. Distinct legal identity: A Section 8 Company also holds its own identity like other company's structures, and has its own legal standing separate from its member. A Section 8 Company also has a perpetual existence.

  2. Tax Benefits and Eligibility for Deductions: Such companies are provided numerous tax benefits under income tax. They can avail of deductions under section 80G.

  3. No Stamp Duty: The company is registered without paying any stamp duty on its Memorandum and Articles.

  4. Less Capital requirement: Unlike other limited companies like private, public, or one person, the companies registered under section 8 do not require much share capital. They can be directly funded from subscriptions or donations made to them.

  5. Name: Other companies whether private or public are required to use 'Limited' as the last word in their names, but section 8 of the Act exempts them from the use of any suffix or title. Section 8 companies can be registered with names that have words like Association, Society, Council, Club, Charities, Foundation, Academy, Institute, Organisation, and Federation. This is of great importance to companies not engaged in business like educational or charitable institutions as it gives them a distinct non-commercial identity.

  6. Transfer of assets permitted: Unlike the limited liability companies which are not allowed to transfer the title or ownership, section 8 companies are allowed to transfer title or ownership of both movable and immovable interest with no hurdles or restrictions of any sort.

  7. Relaxed rules: It's easy to fix the date, time, and place for the annual general meeting for such companies and to conduct general meetings under a short period of notice of within 14 days instead of 21 days for limited companies.

  8. Better reliability: Section 8 Companies are more reliable than all other forms of charitable organizations. They are governed by the Companies Act and are regulated strictly.

  9. No CARO: Requirements of the Companies Auditor’s Report Order or CARO do not apply to this type of company.

  10. Easy membership: A registered partnership firm can become a member in its individual capacity and obtain Directorship.

  11. Tax exemption to donors: Those donating to a Section 8 Company are eligible for tax exemptions u/s 12A and 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Regulations applicable on Section 8 Company:

Various conditions to be fulfilled for incorporation of a Section 8 Company:

  1. Registration: As per the provisions laid under the Companies Act, 2013

  2. License: License to be applied to MCA.

  3. Directors: A Minimum of 2 Directors for a Private Limited Company and 3 Directors for a Public Limited Company must subscribe to the Memorandum of Association. The maximum limit is 15 Directors. More than that can be appointed after passing a special Resolution in a General Meeting.

  4. Indian Resident: At least 1 director must be a resident of India, i.e., have stayed in India for a total period of not less than 182 days in the previous calendar year [(Section 149(3)].

  5. MoA & AoA: Unlike other Trusts which are governed by the Trustees as per a Trust Deed, the operations of Section 8 Companies are managed by the Board of the Director as per their MoA and AoA. Details regarding the proposed name, objects to be carried by the Company, address of its registered office, number of directors and promoters, authorized capital, and number of shares to be subscribed by each promoter must be mentioned along with an outline of the plan laid out to meet the objects.

  6. DIN for Directors: All the Directors must have a valid DIN (Director’s Identification Number) & DSC (Digital Signature Certificate), as required.

Penalty for Non-Compliance:

If a company defaults in complying with the provisions of the Act or is found to be conducting its business fraudulently or in violation of the objects of the Company, then the central government may revoke the license issued under this act.

Such a company, without prejudice to any other action under the provisions of this section, shall be punishable with fine which shall not be less than Rs. 10 lakh and may extend to Rs. 1 crore. The Directors and all other officers of the company, found in default, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 3 years, or with fine not be less than Rs. 25, 000 and may extend to Rs. 25 lakh, or both. Provided that it is proved that the operations were conducted fraudulently. Then every officer in default shall be liable for action.

Register Your Section 8 Company & Get Free Consultation

Important considerations for the purpose of compliances:

  1. It is mandatory for every partnership firm to file the return of income irrespective of amount of income or loss.

  2. E filing of GST returns is to be carried out using EVC or digital signature.

  3. A firm liable to get its account audited under section 44AB shall furnish return electronically under digital signature and shall pay also tax by e-Payment mode.

How we make it easy for you through these minimal steps:

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Received & solved your query about Incorporation  & would guide you through all the further process.
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Collecting pending documents from the client's side & then got verified by the legal team & then only we apply the file & updating the client at every step through your convenient mode of communication.
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File got approved, updating & sending you the COI & would help you through your further business queries.

Scope of our Services:

A Company Secretary has an important role to play in incorporation of a Private Limited Company. We are ready to serve you through the integrated efforts of our strong team of expert professionals for all your needs pertaining to Incorporation of a Private Limited Company in a systematic and phased manner as outlined below :


  1. Help in applying to RUN (Reserve Unique Name) form to obtain and reserve an appropriate name for the company. This is the first step of incorporating a Private Limited company

  2. We help in applying for DSC and DIN for the directors.

  3. Preparation of all crucial documents, such as, MoA, AoA, financial statements, and other declarations that are required to be filed.

  4. Filing the SPICe form along with prescribed documents.

On receiving a request, our representative shall contact you at the time of your convenience to collect necessary information and documents required for Incorporation of Private Limited Company. He shall act as a front-office Relationship Manager for all communication with you. At the back-office he shall coordinate with our in-house team of professionals comprising of legal experts, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Document Writers and other junior officers to get the work executed systematically, while remaining in touch with you throughout.

What makes FilingDoor different?


We have a dedicated team of CA's, Lawyers & professional team for smooth working. 


We carefully examine your documents so that there would be no chance of rejection or objection from our side.


We made a stress & hassle free &simple online process for everyone so that you don't have to visit to any CA & Lawyer.


Don' worry, We are budget friendly with your pockets. We believe in delivering value and going the extra mile to keep customers happy.

We Proudly manage data for 12000+ clients & growing..

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We availed services in 2017 of FilingDoor and had an awesome experience. So when we needed to start a new service we immediately turned to them and once again they performed excellent. The entire team performs in a very coordinated way with entire stuff well documented. We never even had to call them once after the initial quote conversation. Highly Recommended.

- CEO, Brand Bihar, Rishu Raj
We had a good experience working with FilingDoor team and they diligently handled the company incorporation process and were of great help. Looking forward to take there help for post company formation regulatory activities. They are one of the most affordable companies to work with as well. Any new entrepreneurs reading this, you can go ahead and let Filing door team take care of all the company formation formalities. Thanks!

- StrollEarth
FilingDoor has been really great team to work with. From initial support to monthly GST. I am super happy that they are on top of things and makes it really easy for us to be complaint. Also the team is really quick to respond to any queries. Great work and attitude. Please keep it up. Definitely recommended to any small and large entrepreneurs.

- Adarsh. A.Dhananjay

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