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The single biggest tax reform since independence to simplify compliance.

What is GST Registration: An Overview

Launched on July 1 2017, the Goods & Services Tax (GST) applies to all Indian service providers (including freelancers), traders and manufacturers. A variety of Central taxes like Service Tax, Excise Duty, CST and state taxes like Entertainment Tax, Luxury Tax, Octroi, VAT are absorbed in one tax – GST, implemented on 01.07.2017. GST is to be charged at every step of the supply chain, with full set-off benefits available. The procedure for GST is entirely online and requires no manual intervention.

Every product goes through multiple stages along the supply chain, which includes the purchasing of raw materials, manufacturing, sale to the wholesaler, selling to the retailer and then the final sale to the consumer. Interestingly, GST will be levied on all of these 3 stages. Let’s say if a product is produced in West Bengal but is being consumed in Uttar Pradesh, the entire revenue will go to Uttar Pradesh.

Also, taxpayers with a turnover of less than Rs.1.5 crore can choose composition scheme to get rid of tedious GST formalities and pay GST at a fixed rate of turnover.

What are the documents required?

  Private Limited Company

  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • PAN Card of Company

  • Resolution signed by board members

  • Identity and address proof of directors


  • PAN Card of LLP

  • LLP Agreement

  • Partners’ names and address proof

  • Director's Proof


  • PAN Card, Aadhar Card

  • Address proof of proprietor

  • Rent Agreement if Rented

What are the benefits of getting GST Number?

Easy Compliance:

A robust and comprehensive IT system will be the cornerstone of India's GST regime. Taxpayers will therefore be able to use all taxpayer services such as filing, filing and payment online, making compliance easy and transparent.

Uniformity of Tax rates and Structures:

GST ensures that indirect tax rates and structures are consistent across the country, improving security and ease of doing business. In other words, GST makes doing business in the country tax-neutral, regardless of where you do business.

Removal of Cascading:

A system of seamless tax credits across the value chain and across state borders helps minimize tax cascades. This reduces the hidden costs of doing business.

Improved Competitiveness:

Reducing the transaction costs of doing business will ultimately lead to greater competitiveness in trade and industry. The World Bank considers the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the dismantling of intergovernmental control bodies to be the most important reforms to improve the competitiveness of India's manufacturing sector.

Gain to Manufacturers and Exporters:

Cost of locally produced goods and services by including major central and state taxes in GST, fully and comprehensively offsetting inputs and services, and phasing out the Central Consumption Tax (CST) can be reduced. This will increase the competitiveness of Indian goods and services in the international market and boost Indian exports. Consistent tax rates and procedures across the country also greatly help reduce compliance costs.

Simple and Easy to Administer:

GST replaces some federal and state indirect taxes. Supported by a robust end-to-end IT system, the GST will be simpler and easier to administer than other center and state indirect taxes imposed to date.

Better controls on Leakage:

GST helps improve tax compliance with a robust IT infrastructure. As input tax credits are seamlessly conveyed from one stage of the value chain to another, the GST design incorporates mechanisms to encourage tax compliance by merchants.

Higher Revenue Efficiency:

GST is expected to reduce the cost of collecting the government tax revenues, thus increasing revenue efficiency.

What are the components of GST?

GST will have 3 tax components, which includes a central component (Central Goods and Services Tax or CGST) and a state component (State Goods and Services Tax or SGST) where centre and state will levy GST on all entities, i.e. when a transaction happens within a state. Inter-state transactions will attract the Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST), to be levied by the center, i.e. when a transaction happens one state to another.

GST terms you have heard of: Description

GST: GST Stands for Good and Service Tax.


TRN: Temporary Registration Number – This is a unique 15 digit reference number generated when you complete Part of your GST application and verify your mobile phone number and email ID.

ARN: Application Reference Number – This is the number you will receive after submitting your GST application so you can check the details of your application.

DSC: Digital Signature Certificate - This is a certificate that serves as proof of identity for people in the digital space and protects their data.

SGST: State Goods and Services Tax – part of GST collected by state governments.

CGST: Central Goods and Services Tax - part of GST collected by central Governments.

IGST: Integrated Goods and Services Tax - type of GST paid in the case of interstate supply of goods and services.

UGST: Union Territory Goods and Services Tax - part of GST collected union Governments.

GSTIN: A Goods and Services Tax Identification Number/GST Registration Number is a unique 15-digit identification number given to businesses registering for GST.

GSTR: A GST Return (GSTR) is a document recording details of income that taxpayers must submit to the authorities to calculate their tax liability. There are a total of 11 types of his GST returns.

GSTN: The Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) is a not-for-profit public-private partnership company that provides IT infrastructure and services to implement the GST.

ITC: An Input Tax Credit [ITC] is a credit that a taxpayer receives for the payment of input tax on inputs used in a business.

HSN Code: The HSN Code is a 6-digit uniform code that classifies over 5000 products and is accepted worldwide. HSN stands for Harmonized System of Nomenclature.

SAC Code: SAC code is the code used to classify services under GST. Each service has a unique SAC code.

Reverse Charge: A reverse charge occurs when the tax liability lies with the recipient of the goods and not with the supplier (which is usually the case). However, this only applies to special supply categories.

Aggregate Turnover: Aggregate turnover is the total value of all taxable supplies and is used to determine the GST threshold.

Taxable Person: A taxable person is an individual engaged in economic activity in India who is or is required to be registered under the GST.


What is GST Return?

GST return is a document that will contain all the details of your sales, purchases, tax collected on sales (output tax), and tax paid on purchases (input tax). Once you file GST returns, you will need to pay the resulting tax liability (money that you owe the government). 

Who should file GST Return?

All business owners and dealers who have registered under the GST system must file GST returns according to the nature of their business or transactions. 

  • Regular Businesses.

  • Businesses registered under the Composition Scheme.

  • Other types of business owners and dealers.

  • Amendments.

  • Auto-drafted Returns.

  • Tax Notice.

Penalties in case of missing GST Returns:

In such cases, where taxpayers do not file their Returns within specified due dates mentioned, he/she is obliged to pay a late fee of Rs. 50/- day i.e. Rs. 25 per day in each case of CGST and SGST (in case of any tax liability) and Rs. 20/day i.e. Rs. 10/- day in each CGST and SGST (in case of Nil tax liability) subject to a maximum of Rs. 5000/-, from the given due date to the actual date when the Returns are finally filed.

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How we make it easy for you through these minimal steps:

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Scope of our Services:

A Company Secretary has an important role to play in incorporation of a Private Limited Company. We are ready to serve you through the integrated efforts of our strong team of expert professionals for all your needs pertaining to Incorporation of a Private Limited Company in a systematic and phased manner as outlined below :


  1. Help in applying to RUN (Reserve Unique Name) form to obtain and reserve an appropriate name for the company. This is the first step of incorporating a Private Limited company

  2. We help in applying for DSC and DIN for the directors.

  3. Preparation of all crucial documents, such as, MoA, AoA, financial statements, and other declarations that are required to be filed.

  4. Filing the SPICe form along with prescribed documents.

On receiving a request, our representative shall contact you at the time of your convenience to collect necessary information and documents required for Incorporation of Private Limited Company. He shall act as a front-office Relationship Manager for all communication with you. At the back-office he shall coordinate with our in-house team of professionals comprising of legal experts, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Document Writers and other junior officers to get the work executed systematically, while remaining in touch with you throughout.

What makes FilingDoor different?


We have a dedicated team of CA's, Lawyers & professional team for smooth working. 


We carefully examine your documents so that there would be no chance of rejection or objection from our side.


We made a stress & hassle free &simple online process for everyone so that you don't have to visit to any CA & Lawyer.


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We availed services in 2017 of FilingDoor and had an awesome experience. So when we needed to start a new service we immediately turned to them and once again they performed excellent. The entire team performs in a very coordinated way with entire stuff well documented. We never even had to call them once after the initial quote conversation. Highly Recommended.

- CEO, Brand Bihar, Rishu Raj
We had a good experience working with FilingDoor team and they diligently handled the company incorporation process and were of great help. Looking forward to take there help for post company formation regulatory activities. They are one of the most affordable companies to work with as well. Any new entrepreneurs reading this, you can go ahead and let Filing door team take care of all the company formation formalities. Thanks!

- StrollEarth
FilingDoor has been really great team to work with. From initial support to monthly GST. I am super happy that they are on top of things and makes it really easy for us to be complaint. Also the team is really quick to respond to any queries. Great work and attitude. Please keep it up. Definitely recommended to any small and large entrepreneurs.

- Adarsh. A.Dhananjay

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